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Future Industrial Influence on Urban Design

I've thought for some time that developments in 3-D printing and automation will re-orient the geography of the industrialized world. Has anyone out there ever started researching how this might impact cities? For example, these developments could decentralize much of the supply chain for a variety of industries.

Take cars. We likely aren't going to see people 3D printing a new car in their garage, but it would be quite reasonable to have mechanics 3D print a licensed part (or buying such a part from a local 3D print shop) rather than ordering parts made halfway around the world.

Thats jusy one example out of countless that we could likely devise, and countless more that we won't even be able to imagine for a few decades. And these changes will undoubtably change the way our cities work.

Ports, for example, could gradually see less traffic for finished goods, and more traffic for raw materials such as ores. Trucking would similarly shift, with fewer deliveries being necessary for any given stage in production.

So, is anyone looking at these changes and planning for them?
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