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General Rule of Thumb

Just as a general rule of thumb, what do you guys consider the cutoff between a development having its own thread versus a development being in a general thread. For example should a development with 150 apartments have it's own thread or should it be in the general thread?
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F-Line to Dudley
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Re: General Rule of Thumb

I would think it's happening vs. lingering-in-proposal is a more universal arbiter than size of development, which is going to be a lot more eye-of-beholder. It's not like AB's rife with thread pollution about individual triple-decker houses going up, so risk is pretty low. Worst that could happen is the thread just doesn't catch on because it gets lost in the daily battle cry of SUPERTALLS.
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Re: General Rule of Thumb

I'd say just use discretion. If it feels big enough, give it its own thread. You'll either get skewered and it'll get moved to a general thread or it'll be fine. 150 apartments would definitely be its own thread. A triple decker or maybe even some 10-unit infill wouldn't need its own thread.
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Re: General Rule of Thumb

Excellent question.

To be honest I personally don't really have any set rules. I just pay attention to the thread. If there is a lot of chirping that it should be moved I move it.

It's not a perfect system, but it works for the most part?
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Re: General Rule of Thumb

^ I think it has worked fine.

Side note: Please use descriptive thread titles. "General Rule of Thumb" could be about anything.
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