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Re: Paul Rudolph's Government Services Center

Originally Posted by Charlie_mta View Post
The east end of Cambridge around the MIT area has some newer buildings that are more what I had in mind when i said, "clean, lean and classy; kind of an updated mid-century vibe".
Indeed. Charles Correa's Brain & Cognitive Sciences Building is a real masterpiece. The massing and geometries reflect to the architect's keen awareness of Louis Kahn and Corbu, but the materials are lighter, in keeping with contemporary aesthetics. Across the street, Gehry's Seussian trainwreck slumps like a sad collection discarded refrigerator boxes and styrofoam packing material, left out in a driving rain.

Originally Posted by FK4 View Post
My aged Croatian professor in college used to say that the presence of a unified bent in society, usually represented at the top by some authority-regime, actually sharpened the arts, because the artist was confronted with a very real choice of either bowing down and selling out, or fighting for what he or she believed in...
Shostakovich knew this, and learned it time and again throughout his storied career. In a similar vein, consider these astonishing churches constructed in post-war Poland, where the communist leadership felt rightfully threatened by the faith community.
This discussion has gone on far too long. Someone might wander by and get the impression that this is an architecture forum.

~ Justin7
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