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Re: Inside the mind of a NIMBY

Originally Posted by Arlington View Post
I answered the poll "skews YIMBY" the reality is that growth and change are life and stasis is death. I want things to tip in favor of "let's make this work".
this is very well put. As much as I love "old Boston," stasis simply is not a choice - stasis becomes decay. So we have to choose between growth or decay.

So the growth has to be smart and well designed, but it's gotta be there. The development money has gotta flow in.

As a YIMBY-leaner, one thing I take exception to on this forum is when some of the anti-YIMBYs (I won't call them NIMBYs because they are not NIMBYs) imply that those of us who are pro-development have inferiority complexes about Boston and want big p___s in the sky. Also, some of said members imply to us pro-development folk that "we don't get out of town much" like we're some townie Boston-proud types. This is so precisely wrong - it is exactly because I do get out of town much that I am keenly aware of Boston's degree of "freshness and vibrancy" compared to other places. There are many places that have it much worse than us. I transitioned from being an engineer (where I had to travel a lot) to being an educator (where I work w/ 20-yr-olds here). These kids judge our city based on other reference points and based on somewhat superficial perspectives - and trust me, these are some of the kids we want to stay here in for our future (bringing valuable outsider perspectives and energy), but many of them will leave based on false perceptions of our city. My students convey to me that they perceive things as dated that I hadn't even thought about it - as a long-time resident, I was perfectly comfortable with things and didn't even realize they became stale. There are areas of our city that were "fresh" in the 1980's when they were recently redone, but appear incredibly stale now. Meanwhile there have been fantastic revitalization projects (e.g., Atlantic wharf, Lovejoy wharf) that have injected money to forestall or reverse decay.

Boston is special; I would never want it to be Manhattan, but one or two vibrant, tall-ish towers would transform (for the better) the perceived energy of this place, without at all destroying historic Boston.

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Re: Inside the mind of a NIMBY

Originally Posted by stick n move View Post
NIMBYS and YIMBYS both suck. Both are outrageous and unwilling to meet in the middle. YIMBYS- "omgz you guyz if only we cud get 100000 more ft then wed has bigger dick than everyone" and NIMBYS wanna throw a chicken coop and kale farm in the middle of the financial district. Somewhere in the middle of these is the promise land.
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