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I just got a tapatalk app for my phone, and it's a great way to view discussion forums formatted for mobile devices. It's also supposed to be very easy for the forum administrator to set-up, far easier than creating an actual mobile site. Does ArchBoston have any plans for something like this?
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Re: tapatalk?

I've been meaning to make the site mobile friendly. I will try to get that done ASAP. I'll also take a look at this Tapatalk thing.
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Re: tapatalk?

I love Tapatalk. It's a great way to use and even find new forums mobile-ly.

That last part is particularly important - Tapatalk provides a platform to get the name of the forum out there where totally new people can discover it. I've had great success with Tapatalk in regard to user discovery on one of the forums I previously managed.

Best of all, the Tapatalk forum platform is free:
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