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Re: Worcester Improvements

Originally Posted by kmp1284 View Post
Where in Boston can you find anything livable for under $2000/month without it being subsidized/income restricted?
Dorchester? Rozzie? Westie? Hyde Park?
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Re: Worcester Improvements

I was passing through Worcester yesterday with my girlfriend and we were both struck by how much trash littered the ground of every property. It was the southern part of the city along Cambridge Street. The area was embarrassingly filthy.

Also why was the St Patrick's Day parade held a full week late? The traffic jam it caused was an absolute mess!
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Re: Worcester Improvements

Originally Posted by cubalibre View Post
There is some evidence of that, though I don’t have any current data. When construction finished in 2018, the WBJ reported that 26% of the 368 apartments have been leased.

At night it seems many of the windows are dark, but this is just my personal observation. Also, there is a Protein House health restaurant slated to open, which has been delayed since last year.

On the other hand, Lakeway Commons in Shrewsbury has a similar price point, but is close to UMass medical and has its own Whole Foods, yoga studios, restaurants and has much lower vacancy.

I think 145 Front Street is in it for the long game, but they may have to bring on some promotional rates soon to be more competitive.
Yes, compared to suburban apartment complexes along Route 9 it's on par. I guess it makes sense, the Route 9 complexes are the top end of the regional rental market, and 145 Front wants to join them. We'll see, but I think it has to be based on regional economic development as opposed to Boston commutes.
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Re: Worcester Improvements

That final piece in city square finally has a proposal. This is right by union station too so if your on the framingham worcester line you could take that in too. Theyre adding another platform there as well. Not bad.

“​One CitySquare is a proposed transportation-oriented development centrally located in the heart of Worcester and will further transform this vibrant downtown neighborhood. One CitySquare is part of a $565 million multi-phased project that upon completion will create more than 2.2 million square feet of mixed-use space.”
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Re: Worcester Improvements

Olympia Theater reborn: Live music venue planned for Worcester’s long-closed historic theater

By Michael Bonner |

Atop the balcony of the Olympia Theater, among the torn leather from the stadium seats and the thick layer of dust built up through years of vacancy, Patrick Flynn felt a connection with the property.

He knocked down temporary 2-by-4 walls that once held up a dropped ceiling. The newer structure blocked access to the wing seats on the balcony. As he removed them, the old theater located on Pleasant Street in downtown Worcester, spoke to him.

“You just start to push the broom a little bit and it’s like you’re petting a dog. And the dog immediately feels the affection,” Flynn said. “You try to trick yourself into believing it, I guess. But you just start to clean up, just anything. You’re just instantly overwhelmed to keep going.”

The city’s oldest theater - built in 1891 - has been closed since 2006. It was in decline for years before that. Since that time not much has gone on within the theater’s walls.

Pedestrians walking along Pleasant Street recently inquired about the new logos covering the glass doors depicting food and cocktails.

One man, walked by exclaiming to his friend, “That used to be a porno place.”

Prior to its closing, it was in fact a theater that showed pornographic films. However, the conversation between the two men changed when they discovered, the Olympia Theater would be transformed back into its original purpose - live shows.

“Mint!” the man said.

That’s the plan of Flynn and Jennifer Wright, who have signed an agreement to purchase the Olympia Theater for more than $700,000. They want to take a decaying brick building and create excitement.

A thick black binder includes their background and ideas. Flynn possesses more than three decades of construction experience and more than 20 years of sound engineering. Wright has more than 20 years of restaurant experience.

Together their backgrounds merge with this project.

They envision the Olympia Theater as a future stalwart within an 18-hour downtown. From yoga in the morning to business meetings during the day and, of course, music at night to go with a bar and grille.

The binder includes menu items like stacked potato skin, chicken and waffles and table side s’mores. It also includes music acts such as ZZ Top, Willie Nelson, Eddie Money, and Uncle Kracker that they hope to one day bring to the theater.

With weekends dedicated to ticketed acts, Tuesdays offer open mics.

“Our vision at this stage, at this size, you can see someone who was your hero on our stage,” Flynn said. “And then on Tuesday night, you can play right there on that same stage.”

The stage and the theater are far from ready for yesterday’s stars or up and comers, who Wright and Flynn pitch as their core headliners. Their plan calls for just under $2 million to repair the music hall, build out the restaurant and buy equipment. Holes in the ceiling poke through the water stains. A maroon half circle created by brushing away the dust on the floor outlines where the stage needs to be extended. The theater also needs an elevator - just one aspect to allow it to meet code.

I was really hoping someone was willing to save this place. Looks like two people are willing.
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Re: Worcester Improvements

"Wright and Flynn also plan to launch a [sic]Kickstarer fund, which should be announced soon. The amount is still to be determined."

I wish them well, but I don't see how a $1.3 million construction budget will suffice. Given that the recent donation campaigns for saving Notre Dame and Mount Carmel yielded pretty meager results I am doubtful they can raise any money that way. Pretty risky business for those two.
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Re: Worcester Improvements

Federal Square in front of the Hanover theater is being expanded to make it more pedestrian friendly. Southbridge Street is rerouted which means the amphitheater and beautiful (non-working) fountain are dismantled, which is unfortunate. All trees have been cut down. The city says it plans to rebuild the fountain and amphitheater elsewhere, but did not disclose where.

Amphitheater, trees last summer:

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