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Re: How Tall Are Boston's Buildings and Should They Be Taller?

Originally Posted by DZH22 View Post
A couple Cambridge...

75 Ames Street (giant lab) 299'

Upcoming residential on Ames Street 286'
I can see the 286' for Ames Street Residences (see first link below - page 29 and 38), but 75 Ames at 299' seems to be a bit of a stretch. Check it out - In the second link, on page 45, you can see that the height to the roof top screen on 75 Ames is 263'6" feet (284'6" - 21'). However, what is missing is the height to the top of the stacks which can be seen in pages 41-44 in the same link. But after looking at that, I can't see how the FAA got the number of 299'. It doesn't seem like the the stacks can be more than 10-15 feet above the screen line. Another bit to add too - the ground elevation in the plans is 21 feet, and the FAA lists the ground height as 10 feet.

I contribute and edit the following:
List of tallest buildings and structures in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Wikipedia)
List of tallest buildings in Massachusetts, exclusive of Boston (Wikipedia)
Emporis (mostly New England)
Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
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Re: How Tall Are Boston's Buildings and Should They Be Taller?

Originally Posted by odurandina View Post
Odd, that a few hours before i saw your post, i went to the Atlantic Wharf wiki page and updated it to 436'. i'm thinking we need to be careful; that some or many of these heights are accounting for the window washing booms.
So that was you! I'd been meaning to for a long time but was to lazy!
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Re: How Tall Are Boston's Buildings and Should They Be Taller?

Atlantic Wharf's 436' was seen in a PDF of another Boston project. See page 30 of the following link.

However, the point stands that window washing cranes may be involved in some of the FAA heights. The FAA for Atlantic Wharf read 449'. However, they are not used in all the heights and it is also important to note where the the building is measured from. Millennium Tower only shows as 677', but that's due to being measured from the Washington Street side and not the Hawley Street side.

Basically, the FAA heights are also an inexact science, but we KNOW that many of the heights are currently listed too low (highest occupied floor only) and some of them are substantially too low.

If anybody could figure out Exchange Place, that's the one I really want to know. It's supposedly 510' but I think that is missing the very top section(s).
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