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Re: Housing

What we really need is a massive investment in public transit. Expanding highways will just allow more people to sit in congested traffic. Plus, where are all these additional cars going to park?!

The idea of converting commuter rail to "regional rail" being put forth by TransitMatters is an excellent one. Imagine utilizing the rails we already have for frequent rapid service throughout the day and night. Commuter rail would be useful for more than just 9-5 M-F commuting. Transit Oriented development around stations could allow more people to live car-free or car-lite.
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Re: Housing

Originally Posted by fattony View Post
There will be no highway expansions in Massachusetts in our lifetimes.
I think you are confusing Boston with the entirety of Massachusetts, which don't necessarily have the same sets of needs. I agree there is really no reason to widen/expand highways into the city itself, since where are they all supposed to go once they get there?

However, parts of the 128 corridor desperately need widening, which is an ongoing project but hasn't covered the area North of Woburn yet. As was pointed out, Route 3 North from Burlington to Nashua was also widened relatively recently as well. As long as Boston refuses to tackle the housing crisis, more and more people are forced to live outside of the city, and many (most?) jobs are also located outside of the city. It's not as feasible to ride a bicycle from say Woburn to Waltham as it would be from Cambridge to downtown Boston. It's not just Boston that has a traffic problem; the entire inner ring of 95/128 and the outer ring of 495 have major congestion issues as well. (especially 12 Public transit also isn't generally intended to connect different suburbs so much as to connect the suburbs back to Boston. This is why you should, in fact, expect to see ongoing highway improvement projects in Massachusetts for the foreseeable future.
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Re: Housing

They desperately need to redesign the 93 128 interchange in Woburn.
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Re: Housing

They have a redesign completed but I believe construction on the upgrade has been put on hold indefinitely.
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Re: Housing

.. and once again a thread about housing is derailed into one about transportation ..
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Re: Housing

Rifle always brings the traffic complaints. Dude needs to move where he doesn't need a car it seems.
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