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Re: San Francisco high-rise sinking, tilting

Some cool details on the proposed fix:

They are planning to extend the tower's 10ft thick mat slab outboard, then literally pile jack the extended mat with bedrock-anchored piles:
Piles would extend up through an 8-ft-wide extension of the tower’s 10-ft-thick reinforced concrete mat—4 ft from the old mat. New and old mats would be connected by chipping into the side of the old mat and coupling new reinforcing steel onto existing rebar.
The system relies on loading each pile with 800,000 lb using a permanent hydraulic jack that reacts against a new mat extension. The jacks would be housed in a maintenance access vault above the mat (see diagram, facing page). The team has applied for an easement to work under the sidewalks, which meet at the northwest corner of the block.
The quick math: 800k lb x 52 piles = 41.6 million lb of jacking force
(holy moly)
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Re: San Francisco high-rise sinking, tilting

^ This is awesome.
"You cannot take in a whole Boston street with a single glance of the eye and then lose your interest because you have thus taken the edge off future discovery; on the contrary, every step reveals some portion of a building which you could not see before, some change in your vista, and some suggestion of pleasant variety yet to come, which not only keeps your interest alive but heightens it and persuades you to go on."
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