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Re: How Tall Are Boston's Buildings and Should They Be Taller?

I wish I could help with the diagrams but I started working a second job and there is a lot happening this month that I have to coordinate for that so at least for now I don't have time to work much on adding buildings, but once things are a little calmer you may start to see me adding things.
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Re: How Tall Are Boston's Buildings and Should They Be Taller?

Originally Posted by DZH22 View Post
Add Austin to the list of cities ready to eclipse the Hancock in height. But hey, well deserved right? A tiny city like Boston has nothing on the likes of Austin, Denver, Oklahoma City, Charlotte, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Edmonton, Calgary, Minneapolis... I will say that I think the design is pretty lame anyway. It's like the typical garbage Austin has been churning out lately, only at twice the height.
Eh, let those places have their taller ego project. Boston is leaps and bounds ahead of every city on that list by far more meaningful metrics than a single building's height relative to the Hancock. Be glad that a tall skyscraper isn't required for Boston's numerous virtues to stand out.

A city with nothing else will try to build something like that. Let them. If we build taller, let it be because we need to, not because we're desperate to appear as though we need it.
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