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Re: Silver Line to Chelsea

Why not just do what New York does with the Lex Ave line? The green line there is 4 5 6 6d. We already pretty much do the same thing, but if we drilled the nomenclature of the BCDE lines into people more, it would eliminate more confusion. They'd be four lines that share a subway for some distance. In a far future where the northside/extension has branches too, that's what would naturally happen.

edit: we all had the same idea.
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Re: Silver Line to Chelsea

Originally Posted by bakgwailo View Post
Don't know about that - not in NYC at least. 4/5/6 for instance on maps are generally the same color and later branch out in the Bronx. We have that with the letters on the Green Line and the A/B on the Red Line, we just don't call them out as much.
The color system breaks down when you have so many lines, because there are really only 8 appropriate colors.

Thats why NYC, London, Paris, Mexico, etc just use numbers or line names.

Nobody refers to their color on the map, it just helps you follow the line.
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Re: Silver Line to Chelsea

I think people say "the Green Line" because so much of it (notably, the most used part) is common to all 4 branches. There is no ambiguity the vast majority of the time. I typically hear people switch to a branch designation when needed to clarify. For example, "take the Green Line to Park" vs "take the E Line to Prudential." Hynes and Kenmore might arguably be the toughest to talk about because you need a list "take the B, C, or D to Kenmore." That doesn't roll off the tongue to my Boston ears, it sounds awkward.

In my experience, New York doesn't use their color designations at all. The red ones are always referred to as "the 1/2/3" and never "the Red Line." Typical directions might be "take the 2/3 express to 14th St" with no mention of the word "red." I always figured they don't use the colors because there are so many lines and so many branches/express services that ambiguities crop up all the time.

Back to Boston, I would say Silver Line gets used much the same way as we use Green Line, except the branch designations are less frequently important because there are so few ambiguities that arise. The most common specificity would be "you need the SL1 to get to Logan." But consider: "take the Silver Line to Harpoon" or "take the Silver Line to East Berkeley." They don't need any additional clarification to locals, though clearly visitor are at a disadvantage.

Personally, I don't see SL3 going to Airport station to be a big problem. If anyone does that by mistake, they will in fact get to the terminals in short order using the Blue Line shuttles. The fact that the Silver "Line" is broken in the middle is the only real communication problem, in my opinion. One of them should be Gold and the other Silver and printing all those new maps for SL3 would have been a good time to introduce that. Since we aren't seeing that now, I don't think we'll see a change in the naming convention until something more drastic changes.
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Re: Silver Line to Chelsea

As has been said before, the comparison between green and silver is a poor one... the green line is a unified piece, regardless of the details around whether you can get to Kenmore or Lechmere on such-and-such line. The silver line is completely discontinuous. Calling multiple separate branches that don’t share a common trunk is stupid and confusing. If we ever get real BRT and have multiple lines, is every single line going to be called Silver Line X? The only reason these silver branches share a common name in the first place is because they were supposed to be connected together underground. Until that happens, they should have separate names.

I hate the “silver” designation, anyway. Whoever did the design idea behind it - it’s the shoddiest, cheapest attempt I’ve ever seen at crappy retro Art Deco, with the name/color doing a bad job of being reminiscent about chrome plated transportation - gimme a break. This is all defensive on the part of the MBTA, anyway, because they knew damn well that the Silver was hardly an equivalent of actual rapid transit, and hence, they couldn’t just use a color, they had to make it gimmicky, too. There's also the logo design itself - which thankfully they've mostly retired, I think - the ridiculous Egyptian/Art Deco wings + with the "SILVERLINE" letters not even properly centered... an embarrassingly sloppy design for a major public agency... Stupid theme, stupid name, shitty design.

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Re: Silver Line to Chelsea

How long will it be to go from South Station all the way back to South Station?
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