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[ATTN] Please Keep It Civil

As many of you know I became moderator here to cut down on perceived trolling and petty bickering. I have done my best to keep things civil around here, and for the most part I'd say things have been fine. But things have started up again and I want to just lay out what I expect.

Most everyone here is great; you keep arguments civil and interesting and that is all I ask. Thanks. But there are some people who feel the need to speak before they think (or without thinking), seemingly just to start fights. I have done my best to either remove these posts or delete them entirely, which has led to concerns of censorship. I am against censorship as much as anyone but I also know that some things are said just to infuriate, annoy, and offend. These types of posts bring down the civility of this entire website and help turn people away from the discussion.

So here's the deal so you all know, if I see a post that is blatantly offensive, ignorant, or insulting, I am going to remove it out right. If there are a series of posts about an offensive comment I will either delete them (if I feel they add no merit to the thread topic) or I will move them off this board and let their participants get it out of their system.

Failure to comply with these rules after multiple warnings will result in bannishment.

Now I am well aware that this is an internet forum and as such it is very easy for people to troll and flame one another. Knowing this, all I ask is that anyone who feels like starting something just do it in the General or Politics section, not here.

If someone is having a problem with another member on this board please contact either myself or briv, the administrator, and we will try to resolve the issue. If anyone thinks I am acting too harsh please feel free to talk to me about it so we can work something out.

Once again, I thank all of you who have made this place a wonderful forum and who deeply care about architecture and Boston. Thanks.

I have moved the conversation part of this thread here where it is more appropriate.

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