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Beton Brut
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Re: The Boulevard (née The Times/Littlest Bar) | 110 Broad St | Downtown

My favorite take on this building.

Originally Posted by vanshnookenraggen View Post
Is it nice, sure. Does it look like the base of a tower that was never built, totally.
I'd have preferred black or charcoal brick to the dusty taupe the used.

Though I haven't been inside of any unit here, to may also be important to consider the tension between "how things look" and "how things are" before we censure the architects. There's a time-honored approach within modernism to create a space that functions as both shelter and "viewing platform." I'd suggest that this concept was part of the architect's wider agenda.

I agree, this isn't bold. At best, it's blingy contextualism, a loud background building. Given that this was proposed some time ago (in the shadow of the Kairos Shen era), perhaps we'll get something sexier on the adjacent site.
This discussion has gone on far too long. Someone might wander by and get the impression that this is an architecture forum.

~ Justin7
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Re: The Boulevard (née The Times/Littlest Bar) | 110 Broad St | Downtown

It would have looked much better without the glass over the front: they should have continued the same square window/facade there. That fronting really detracts, making it look more like an office park building. Otherwise, I think it's pretty decent.
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Re: The Boulevard (née The Times/Littlest Bar) | 110 Broad St | Downtown

The building just needs more texture above ground level.

Flat composite paneling is never going to look better than expensive vinyl siding. Look at 10 Farnsworth or The Gables for examples of how a little variation in depth can make a huge difference.
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