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Dorchester Avenue Redevelopment | South Boston

The Dorchester Avenue discussion on the Future Skyline thread gave me the idea of starting a thread for tracking developments along Dot Ave. There's a couple of proposals in the pipeline which have been mentioned in the South Boston thread but I think it will be useful to collect them here for easy reference. This thread would function like the generic Searport District thread, but just for general discussion of Dot Ave development. Significant projects would eventually get their own individual threads, as is done with the Seaport projects.

248 Dorchester Avenue

Eight story hotel with 159 rooms.

270 Dorchester Avenue

Eight story residential building with 150 residential units and 6K sf retail.

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Re: Dorchester Avenue Redevelopment | South Boston

I wonder if they will ever try to redevelop Widett Circle? Would be a good extension of this area (once its developed of course).

Anyway 14 West is sort of part of this.
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Re: Dorchester Avenue Redevelopment | South Boston

Wil this happen in the next 5 years? Or 20.
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Re: Dorchester Avenue Redevelopment | South Boston

I really don't understand why they intend to make that brownfield the "open space"
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Re: Dorchester Avenue Redevelopment | South Boston

I have very high doubts this happens. I hope it does and its the perfect spot between two transit stations, but this is pretty huge for the area. Idk I just feel like something of this scale isn't gonna happen. I hope it does tho so lets see what happens.

Once dot ave reconnects to downtown this could be to be a major corridor. Its going to be great to also have the highway hidden on both sides as well with this, ink block, the flower exchange, and the other misc projects hiding 93 from view.

The many projects going up at new balance, allston yards, northpoint, and here along 93 are going to expand the city outward in every direction making it feel much bigger also.

This is what Boston has to do though. As we all know and has been repeated a million times downtown doesn't have a ton of room left. Like london another very old city without a street grid and that is very full, they have to build where they can in pockets. Were starting to do that and are going to have to go that direction from here out. Were going to have to build different pockets and corridors around the city near downtown but not downtown in order for us to keep growing for the future. Its going to be a pretty cool effect. Well always have the high spine and downtown, but well also have corrdors radiating away from downtown in all directions with high rises along them. Stuart st in downtown is being built up and the pike parcels will go up blocking off the highway in that area as well which is a huge positive. But then well have the dot ave corridor, seaport expansion, northpoint, suffolk downs, guys get the point.

I think its going to be pretty cool seeing how we get these new pockets around the city growing outward from downtown and allowing us to keep building for the future without having to demolish historic buildings downtown. Its going to be vastly different from how we are now with most of the taller buildings downtown. Our skyline is "new york" style right now with the two skylines (back bay-downtown, lower manhattan-midtown) across the river, and cities on both sides (Cambridge-Jersey city), but in the future well still have this but then buildings are going to radiate out in all directions and new pockets of tall buildings will dot the skyline in all different areas of the city. I think it will be cool and unique and also allow us to keep much of the old Boston people love. Boston will look much different and also much bigger and theres plenty of expansion area available to go. Its just going to be outside of downtown and the back bay. We need this to allow Boston to grow much more to keep up with other fast growing cities and like this proposal we need to keep these pockets transit oriented.

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Re: Dorchester Avenue Redevelopment | South Boston

not sure where to post so i'll just put it here....

Could a smaller Kendall Square blossom in Dorchester?
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Re: Dorchester Avenue Redevelopment | South Boston

Originally Posted by odurandina View Post
not sure where to post so i'll just put it here....

Could a smaller Kendall Square blossom in Dorchester?

The thread titled "Bayside Expo Center Redevelopment" would seem logical.

Do you know anything about the geography of Boston outside of where the tall buildings are?
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