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Apartments So Small They Can Only Be Photographed From Above

"100,000 of the city’s laborers live in sub-divided apartment units averaging 40 square feet."

Jesus fucking Christ.

I found this rather interesting: "49 percent of the city’s residents live in public or subsidized housing." The #1 freest economy in the world has 49% of its residents living in subsidized housing.
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forget it ever happening, its too great an idea.
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Re: Microunits

That's because even "the freest economy in the world" is still constrained by geography. Hong Kong workers can't spread out into Guangdong to find cheap housing -- there's a border crossing to negotiate. Even with the densest development possible, there's just not enough room to build the supply that would make housing affordable for all the workers needed to power HK's economy given what land there is within the territory.

So I'm sure the libertarian answer would be that if HK were fully integrated with China and the "regulation" imposed by the border crossing into Shenzhen eliminated, the number of people requiring subsidies
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Re: Microunits

Reminds me of How the Other Half Lives.
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Re: Microunits

Not having much money is no excuse for surrounding oneself with such filth.
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Re: Microunits
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Re: Microunits

After a few weeks of leasing, only three of 23 innovation units—and two of the six market rate apartments—remain, Gerding Edlen prez Kelly Saito tells us.
Got to admit I'm surprised. REALLY surprised.
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