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Design a Better Boston Are you disappointed with the state of Boston's current architecture/development? Think you have a better idea? Post it here.

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Re: Kenmore Sq

Yeah the other properties are fine. I just went to India quality again and it reminded me to ask this question.

Regarding fences, I think that there's some officials or engineers who are obsessed with putting them up. A real pain.
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Re: Harvard Square in Allston?

Originally Posted by BBoop View Post
Just came across this thread - I remember Lucifers/KKK-Katy's and Yesterday just like it was yesterday. I was a studen, living near Kenmore Square and worked at all three clubs part time. Saw many great bands come through and some great solo artists wlking in off the street to jam. Great memories. Haven't been back there in many years, have no idea what the building or areas is now.
I also lived there at the time when all the clubs were active. Music was such a big part of the old Kenmore, that the subway station art actually included silhouettes of players and instruments. The area had a bit of that Bleecker St. feel.
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Re: Kenmore Sq

Anyone here anything about this potential project in Kenmore Square - a new flat iron proposal. From Mark Development's website:
Mark Development is currently developing the "flat iron" site at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Beacon Street in Boston's historic Kenmore Square. Currently a Citizens' Bank branch, the sites close proximity to mass transit and Fenway Park make the site an ideal location for hospitality. MD also intends to include ground level retail and a roof deck restaurant to complement the proposed use. MD plans to commence the Article 80 process in fall  2016.
A rendering is also included on the website.
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Re: Kenmore Sq

Will this development block the stupid gas station sign?
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Re: Kenmore Sq

Yes! The Citizens awfulness has been screaming for redevelopment for forever. What's the deal with the balcony-laden residential building behind this - Rentals? Condos? Dorms? I imagine there'd be a stink made about lost views. Other than that, this should go Pierce-height or taller. But does this developer have what it takes to get it done? I don't see anything else really comparable in their portfolio.
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Re: Kenmore Sq

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Re: Kenmore Sq

Originally Posted by Shepard View Post
What's the deal with the balcony-laden residential building behind this - Rentals? Condos? Dorms?
Some kind of a co-op? It shows a single owner on city assessing but there are units for sale on the real estate websites. I was curious enough to look it up because back in the day I almost got to see a rental listing in there. Moved faster than my slow ass, alas.
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Re: Kenmore Sq

What is going on with the rendering of a building beside the Hotel Buckminster? Are there plans for that somewhere?
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