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Re: Northeast Maglev

Originally Posted by stick n move View Post
The curvature and ROW problems are why:

“The Post reports that the two potential routes are parallel to the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, and about 75 percent of the route would run about 80 to 260 feet underground.”

I screenshotted it then outlined it in red.
Putting 75% of the line between NYC and DC underground would cost hundreds of millions of dollars. The California high speed rail has already ballooned to near 100 billion, and that's mostly above ground.
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stick n move
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Re: Northeast Maglev

Absolutely. Thats why if you look on google maps 75% of that route has a huge, green median on a mostly straight route. Thats the reason why they are choosing this spot to start. Its also very short. So this can be a pretty easy proof of concept to get the ball rolling. Then worst case scenario if there is no desire afterwards, you're left with this short route between Baltimore and Washington DC which means it doesn't go to waste like the built portions of the Cali HSR.

“The team of private investors and a sister company, Baltimore-Washington Rapid Rail, claim to have secured financial commitments, including $5 billion from Japan.”

"Northeast Maglev, which is headquartered in Maryland, has a number of former politicians and executives on its advisory board, including Christine Todd Whitman, George Pataki, Ed Rendell and Tom Daschle."

Originally Posted by Jahvon09 View Post
I can only see the Maglev working if it were to work the entire NER service from Boston to Washington, DC.

Why have it only at certain other cities along the route & not others? I think that it would be more beneficial if it served the entire route. Otherwise, it's no good.

And besides, we'd be looking at years worth of construction headaches to build the thing. Another years-long-Big Dig-style project with expensive shortcomings along the way. No. We're not ready for that yet.
It actually makes perfect sense. This route is short, a straight shot, and has a wide median. Perfect proof of concept to get something completed, that people can ride, and then go from there. What they want to do is avoid what California did which was build a useless part out in the middle of nowhere so that way its too big to fail and you need the rest to connect it, but when it does fail nothing gets to be used. These people want to build the shortest, easiest route first, get it working, then they can add more and more later on. Get the shortest simplest part online first, to show its even possible... which well see, then you can add the rest over time. Then if you cant, run out of money, or will...etc you're at least are left with a working section that people can use vs California which now has some viaducts out in the middle of nowhere that are useless.

Im not saying its going to or not going to happen, or it is or isn't feasible. Im just posting the story, but Im glad theres people actively working on this with Japan Railways that have put together a strong team and have investors lined up and some federal money. Its good to see people are actively working on something here trying to get something going vs just saying na its impossible and never trying. Humans can solve a whole lot of problems with enough will, money, and engineering. Its smart for them to actively already avoid the same mistakes of California who built a useless part first to try to strong arm the money and if you fail you get nothing. If they only build this short section and cant do anymore, then your left with a short working section, which Cali also could have had a decent amount of a feasible shorter leg done by now... Looking at the route they have chose it looks like about as good as its going to get in the dense NEC. Anyways though the environmental review currently being done wont be completed until early 2020 so no matter what were going to have to wait until then to see whatever they're going to say. So until then I guess just let the thread fade into the archives and well see what they say then.

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