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Volvo Around the World Race

Boston has been selected as the only (thus far) port-of-call for the Volvo Around the World Race, and a local company has entered a team. PUMA Racing Team is the fifth entrant, competing against boats sponsored by many other companies from many other countries. This is a HUGE development oppurtunity for Boston. 2 BILLION PEOPLE worldwide will be watching the finish, in port racing, and start of this race-in Boston Harbor. During the 2005-06 race, 300,000 boats came out to watch.
PUMA is a Boston-metro based company, with their marketing headquarters at the Boston Marine Industrial Park. With their growth and viewership from this race, they could move their entire operation to Boston. The racing center will have to be built. The Greenway, the Waterfront, and the entire city must be presentable by May 16, 2009, when it will be viewed by billions worldwide.
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Bobby Digital
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Puma is based in boston? really?

thankyou for this update, very cool.
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Wow that is sooo cool! Jeez, this could be a big help to get some of Boston's development sped up! Lol what if they tried to build Trans National Place by then??? Haha that would be sick, but it never would happen!
Where is this racing center going to be built exactly?
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2 BILLION PEOPLE worldwide
are you sure about that number? that's nearly 1/3 of the world's population. nevertheless, this is a great chance for Boston to clean itself up and get some major publicity. will the racing center be a permanent structure?
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this is awsome!!!
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The two billion figure sounds a bit far-fetched to me, too. Checking Wikipedia, Puma is headquartered in Germany, but its US operations are run from Westford.
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