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A Quick Reminder Regarding Moderation

I've noticed quite a few requests recently in regards to marking threads complete/under-construction. I understand the desire to keep the forums accurate and organized, but please remember that when you're requesting something of a mod you're essentially asking Statler to spend his personal time editing forum threads.

Let's be patient and grateful that he is willing to give up any of his time, and remember that if he decides he is no longer willing to that we are entirely without moderation, less the occasions when Van decides to drop by.
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Re: A Quick Reminder Regarding Moderation

Thanks Justin!

It's really something I should be more on top of because it's one of the few things I actually CAN control on the forum. So I apologize for not keeping up with it.

And I really do appreciate that people are taking their own time to go through old threads and identifying which ones need to be updated. It does make things a lot eaiser for me.

That said, it probably would be better if people would either PM me with threads that need to be updated (preferably links, but just names are fine too) or just open a single thread here to identify them. It's an extra step for all involved (myself included) but it does save everyone else from clicking on old threads with no new information.

I will try to be better about staying ahead of the progress status to hopefully save everyone time and aggravation.
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Re: A Quick Reminder Regarding Moderation

guilty as charged. will switch to a single PM form of communication...apologies for the thread activity
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