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MBTA thread(s) cleanup

Can I propose nice clear topical separation for MBTA topics?

In particular, ArchBoston has a real niche in being able to discuss Bus, Silver, and Boat, Bike, The Ride. (which cannot be discussed on's MBTA forum)

And even for the rail stuff, here the same lines are discussed with a better feel for their role in making the city work, not just for their trainfulness.

How about:

MBTA Alerts & Today's Disruptions
MBTA Money & Governance, Reform, Funding, & Fare System
MBTA Multimodal: Boats, Bikeways, The Ride, Parking

MBTA Subways (Red, Orange, Blue, Green)
MBTA Bus & Silver Line (Yellow & Silver)
MBTA CR (Purple & Indigo) NSRL, xMU, & North/South/West Sta.

as needed, like

MBTA Late Night Extended Hours
MBTA Winter 2015 Shutdown & Recovery
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Re: MBTA thread(s) cleanup

van, can you please move the Waltham Developments thread into the Development Projects forum from the Greater New England forum.

Waltham doesn't fit in the Greater New England forum, which seems to be for cities outside of the Boston area (Providence, Portland, Hartford, New Haven, etc).

On the other hand, there are many projects and cities represented in the Development Projects forum that are in Waltham and other suburbs, ("Wellesley and other Metrowest Developments," "The "MERC" at Moody & Main," "Malden/Melrose," "Westwood Station").

Thank you.
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Re: MBTA thread(s) cleanup

I moved the Waltham thread, that makes sense.

As for the MBTA stuff there is no way we need that many threads. It's all going to get mixed together anyway so separating them will just lead of confusion.
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