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Re: Green Line Type 10 Procurement

Originally Posted by ceo View Post
Doesn't this lock them into CAF as the vendor for the Type 10s, though? I thought there was no standard for MU systems for light rail.
No less a vendor lock-in than DC-traction Kinki-Sharyo Type 7's from 1986 being retrofitted to MU with with AC-traction Breda Type 8's from 1998. There's no universal industry standard for MU'ing, but you can spec a compatibility baseline that accommodates a buyer's own mixed fleet. It's actually easier now than it was when the 7/8 MU'ing system was kludged together 20 years ago because the newest generations of rolling stock are so software-heavy that establishing trainlining compatibility is more about firmware programming than electrical/mechanical mods.

The break in backwards compatibility on the Type 9's was to ensure that whatever MU compatibility customization is done with the Type 10's stays largely firmware-oriented and requires fewest component touches.
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