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Reduce picture sizes before posting.

Hey all,

I am thrilled there are so many new people coming to this board and sharing pictures of development (it's really the only way I keep up with what's going on in Boston). But because these threads are so so image heavy posting over sized images slows things down. I usually contact users individually but I want to throw it out there publicly to please reduce the size of your images before you post them. If you are using a hosting site like Imgur they give you this option when you upload it so please use it. I don't want to set any hard numbers for picture sizes but anything larger than normal monitor dimensions is too much.

If you have any questions shoot me a PM.

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Re: Reduce picture sizes before posting.

Van, thanks for bringing this up. I have found a few pages that are real slow to load. I use tinypic to shrink them down and as a web hosting service. I'm sure that there are other and likely better ways to do it.
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Re: Reduce picture sizes before posting.

All you have to do with Imgur is either select the "huge" option instead of "original" when generating the links or you can actually do it yourself by generating an original link and then adding "h" right before the extension. You don't actually have to physically resize them, allowing you to keep full size photos for hyperlinked pix and such.

Original =
Shrunken "huge" option =
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Re: Reduce picture sizes before posting.

When I'm on my phone on the T (bus or subway), I appreciate smaller file sizes for the images.
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