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Re: Open Thread

“Free speech” is protection from government persecution for voicing one’s opinions, nothing more. Is the government persecuting Felger for this? If not, then it’s not an issue of free speech. There are always consequences for the things people say, even if they’re protected from government persecution.
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Re: Open Thread

Unrelated to Odura's post, but I just thought I'd post the insane stories I've been seeing about different mega-tech-companies building their own cities:

Google's Sidewalk Lab's gigantic 800 acre project in Toronto

YCombinator looking to build new cities (plural), or at least improve existing ones

Bill Gates' spends a spare $80 million for controlling interest in smart city project in Arizona

Wonder how much silicon-valley-esque reinventing the wheel we'll be seeing. These are tech companies, not urban planning or architecture/engineering firms.

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Re: Open Thread

Yesterday Bose announced that they sold off their (freaking incredible) electromagnetic road-cancelling car suspension to a start-up...

If you haven't see the video of the test car gliding over road obstacles, check it out within this article:

I wish the startup luck in incorporating this into a product someday.
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