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how would you monetize this??

We've needed something like this (for a while)... to serve as something of a counterbalancing force against a daunting, even fierce (sometimes) lineup of nimby's whose actions unfortunately, seldom act to benefit Boston.

Late last spring, 1 Bromfield was sent down by provocateurs' influencing officials to reduce the height. While we mostly agree, it wasn't a good design, the height and scale is/was, in a word, 'awesome.' The developer never had a voice, and it bothered me.

i had been thinking.... But i was busy (re; slow) to the punch. While doing a pedestrian activity outdoors, the name came, 'let Boston rise,' and i took action to purchase it. However, to my considerable surprise it was already taken.

scroll to the bottom of

Damn, these (Millennium) people are good.

Yet, is it such a grand thing that one player would outfox the field so decisively again and again, they even take ownership over the idea that is not in any way uniquely their own, that it be limited to serving their interest/s?

(Brilliant in any case). ...but, with about 20 controversial developments in various stages of planning, (ostensibly) all serving a significant benefit to Boston if you were a storied developer, wouldn't you be somewhat remiss not to consider sharing the power you possess?

Joe Larken gave me an opportunity to voice my ideas about how this coalition might be used for the greater good after 115 Winthrop Square starts up....

What is the value of an instrument that so efficiently mines support from the silent majority who wish to see smart, positive growth in Boston?

how would you use it?


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Re: how would you monetize this??

I agree with this coalition on a number of things, but I'm always a edgy about corporation-lobby groups. The fact that Millennium has set up a organization to promote their own business needs is a little scary.
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Re: how would you monetize this??

Originally Posted by odurandina View Post
how would you monetize this??
Open a Patreon account and pray that someone takes pity on you.
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