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Boston's Density

Someone on Reddit posted this article comparing Boston to other cities and how big Boston would be if it had the same density as various cities. Checkout how big Boston would be if we had Jacksonville's density.
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Re: Boston's Density

Thanks. btw, your up to the minute:

We actually reached 667,000 people in Jul of 2015. We actually, very likely have more because we're a sanctuary city.

We're at about 678~680,000 now which puts us just slightly above 14,000/ sq mi.

Also, someone said we're smaller than Philadelphia. In truth, quite barely. But, Philly's csa is about 25% bigger.

But if you add just Cambridge + Somerville to Boston's footprint, and you compare that to the densest equal land area of Philadelphia, we're either about the same, or denser. If you add Boston's densest non-incorporated communities until you fill Phily's footprint, we're within a couple of % or slightly above.

The Density if Boston + Cambridge + Somerville is 14,700/sq mi. If you add our students when school is in, and compare to San Francisco + it's students, our density is higher by about 2,500/sq mi.

i'll clarify the ambiguity with some more exact numbers later.

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