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Re: Biking in Boston

Originally Posted by FK4 View Post
That would be excellent if true, although Im sure there'll be plenty of angry aggressive natives over this change. I hate the Day Blvd people always speed on it and generally drive aggressively, making damned sure you know how mad they are that you're biking in THEIR LANE. Good riddance.
Well, most of the natives are angry that Day Blvd, and subsequently L St and Farragut Rd, have become extensions of 93 and major cut-throughs, so while they might not be fans of bike lanes, they are quite happy about the road diet.

For background, a child was killed on L recently, and another family struck on Farragut before that, which have led to a huge outcry in the neighborhood. The state had already launched a review of Day Blvd and the city is now reacting with interventions on L.
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