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Re: Biking in Boston

Originally Posted by 34f34f View Post
From 2018-07-31 bxp presentation (PDF) via the MXD II thread.

Very cool to see dates (mostly) assigned to filling in the cycle track network. Namely:
- Vassar & Main (SoMA): Vassar desperately needs to continue bike lane protection through the intersection. Where the sidewalk-level path turns to street level is frequently occupied by uber/lyft/partner drop-offs. The "SoMA" boundaries suggest the whole intersection will be reworked, which hopefully includes a fully protected intersection. No dates, but it can't happen soon enough.
- Galileo (DPW 2019): suburban drag strip, very discouraging for people to bike on. Also hard to turn left onto Broadway from the bike lane due to fast traffic/multiple lanes.
- MXD 2020: love seeing Broadway on here. The flexposts on Broadway west of Galileo are much-needed due to some of the highest bicycle traffic in the city (or region, I'd wager). Continuing east, protection will be very nice, since density increases, along with corresponding drop-offs/bike lane obstructions. And continuing the Galileo cycle track is key for safety & adoption.
- Volpe: the sooner they can extend the raised cycle track (currently east of here), the better. Hopefully they can do the north side early on, as well as include some cycle track provisions before/during Volpe reconstruction.
These plans are over a year old, but are probably a decent idea of what's happening. Main/Vassar is fully protected.

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