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Re: Silver Line to Chelsea

Originally Posted by cadetcarl View Post
I also recall F-Line explaining a while back why a spur of the OL won't work out very well. I'll leave them to fill in the details but what I remember, the RL as the closest analogue happens to have a close to perfect balance between the spacings/headways of the trunk line and that of the branches, such that Ashmont and Braintree trains can zipper merge in and out without issue. These conditions would not be met by the orange line.

The Silver Line is a bus with different colors. Extend the Green Line everywhere.
Entirely correct.

Also, this proposal somehow thinks they're going to charge all the way up Broadway in a 3.3 mile tunnel for $ if we're actually going to fund that when we won't fund a ⅓ mile Red-Blue tunnel. I would've scoffed at attempts to do an open-air line using the Saugus Branch because the cost of all those grade crossing eliminations would've killed it...but here they ended up reaching for a degree of stupid I never would've anticipated.
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