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Re: General Boston Discussion.

In a socialist leaning utopia like Boston, you're going to get an uneven distribution of political hotcakes & real syrup. They put up trees in the Seaport because there are nimby's to placate. They are slower to put up trees on our older, built out blocks because it's not an area deemed in urgent need of peasantry disarmament/pc enforcement.

in a few years, we'll see lots of trees at Central Wharf.

Has anyone posted about City Hall becoming more responsive to tree requests?

1. stop (someone) from being angry or discontented; placate; pacify.
"concessions were made to conciliate the peasantry"
synonyms: appease, placate, pacify, mollify, propitiate, assuage, calm down, soothe, humor, reconcile, disarm, win over, make peace with; More
2. gain (esteem or goodwill).
"the arts which conciliate popularity"

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