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Re: Hall of Fame (CHOOSE 3)

Originally Posted by czsz View Post
For the record, I don't think Trinity or BPL are necessarily "amazing pieces of architecture". They're both extremely beautiful, but they're not very original or thought provoking. Standard 19th century historicism referencing previous styles.
This board confuses me. One thread, everyone is raving about the past and the next thread people are calling it overrated.

The BPL courtyard is one of my favorite outdoor spaces in Boston and for that reason among others, I had to give it my vote. I love taking a break there in the spring/summer and using my laptop at a table (never at night, especially now, so I don't get stabbed). The reading room is pretty spectacular too and the facade is like a palazzo... the list goes on. I think the McKim building has withstood the test of time and is a valuable asset to the City of Boston.
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