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Re: General Infrastructure

Originally Posted by Arlington View Post
You seem to be treating all real estate as if it were a suburban owner-occupied house. In the core, the taxpayer is not "the homeowner."

If you want to picture a "who" that pays, you still endup with either an inanimate building or, its owner, which is likely to be a REIT or non-residentt, or an employer trying to maximize access to the talent pool/labor market. In that core (essentially where MBTA "double-digit" buses run), what's demanded is pure "access" and pure "mobility" and does not begin with "I already own this car..."
Okay, so if it's a business owner or non-occupant, how does that change the calculus? If there's no transit, they'd want better roads too. Your argument is that transportation spending should maximize property values, but congestion and poor auto mobility reduce those outside of the MBTA service area. You also limit your argument to that area, but you're citing a statewide metric.

In any case, highways and transit receive approximately equal shares of Mass. transportation spending:
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