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Re: Dorms become hotel during summer?

Originally Posted by BostonUrbEx View Post
How exactly do they advertise their rooms, then? I can't say I've ever heard of this (hence why I made the thread). I'm guessing they're pretty cheap rates?
For years, Northeastern has used its dorms over the summer months to host large groups coming to town for conferences or cross-country college visits. I know Summer Discovery leases out a dorm every summer, and their tour groups lease out dorm space as well. Then during summer orientations, the university offers parents the opportunity to pay to spend a couple nights in West Village if they're unable to stay at one of the hotels in the city. Then there's also the 300 to 500+ Asian study abroad students that call NU home for a couple months every summer via some special program--they too pay to use the dorms much like a long-stay hotel.

So as far as NU is concerned, their residence halls are pretty much used year-round to generate as much revenue as possible. You don't see advertisements for this to the public because, as I pointed out, the spaces are tailored to a particular niche of large groups.
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