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Re: 2/28/18: Thank You TransitMatters for a Bold and Practical Vision

Originally Posted by DowntownDave View Post
Incidentally, wouldn't you want to electrify Stoughton as well? It's only 5 miles or so of single track, isn't it? One would get extra flexibility in being able to send electrics down there as well for not too much extra cash.
Yes of course. In fact, Stoughton is part of the appendix section on that corridor (C1: Providence/Stoughton).

We're doing some cost analysis on Prov/Stoughton right now for the ProJo and came up with:

FRIP 3.5 mi + Wickford 0.8 + Pawtucket yard 2.0 = 6.3 mi x $2m = $12.6m for RI
Attleboro 1.6 + Stoughton 4.0 = 5.6 x $2m = $11.2 for MA
Combined 11.9 mi x $2m = $23.8m range
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