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Re: 2/28/18: Thank You TransitMatters for a Bold and Practical Vision

From the Globe article:

".........Itís also unclear whether the T would have enough room for all these trains. TransitMatters suggested the T could boost capacity at an already crowded South Station by turning trains around every 13 to 20 minutes. The T says it is already hitting that turnaround rate during peak periods with most trains, but TransitMatters believes thereís still room for improvement...."

Gee, I wonder WHAT ON EARTH can solve that problem??????????

Unfortunately, the prior paragraph states:

"The group said its ideas would not require the North-South Rail Link, the proposed tunnel under Boston that would connect North and South stations, but still supports the idea."

Hey, I love the beautiful restaurant you envision, but where is the kitchen?

If anyone here is from TransitMatters, may I politely ask for an explanation? I understand you "support" the NSRL, but then cut it at the knees by saying it is not critical to your plan. That will only give Baker room to table NSRL and treat the symptom but not the cause (if he does even that).

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