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Re: Parcel 9 - The Greenway

So, I'm really torn here. I can definitely rule out the Blackstone LLC. proposal. Ugly.

I'm fairly sure I can throw out the Boston Museum proposal. This just isn't the place for it. It's redeeming feature, however, is the Greenway facade. It's probably the most noticeable of the three left (maybe CBT, they're both close-neither are spectacular, neither suck). The Blackstone side of the proposal though-horrendous. Just a big, muckish brown wall. I can't imagine they can pull the capital together, and if it is built, they'll focus on the museum and not the Market aspect (which is obviously the most important).

I really like the Gutierrez proposal. I wish that they would buy up some land in the Seaport, and build this right along Seaport Blvd. where the Fort Point district just sort of...ends. It works the best with the Blackstone, but in the end, it just doesn't seem to fit for the spot.

And that leaves the Eastat/CBT proposal. No matter how much of a ripoff of Pike Place it is, it's good. It focuses on the market, has a handsome building, and seems like it has the best shot at succeeding at finding tenants. The Greenway side is very friendly, and very Greenway, without being too boring or too suburban. I think what I liked best was that they didn't try to hide the fact that this was a public market, and not a gourmet outdoor grocery. A truly solid project that would definitely help the Greenway and the neighborhood around it (and that isn't as concerned with out-of-towners and commuters). It's Faneuil Hall for the everyman.
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