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Re: Fidelity's HQ may go high

Originally Posted by datadyne007 View Post
Honestly, that PoMo "thing" has more detailing and care in that facade than pretty much all of the buildings built recently (80s and on) in Boston. I'd much prefer getting that PoMo stump with the random Parthenon/Pantheon fusion on the top to this by world-renowned OMA in China. They just won the competition today.
+1. I would hardly call myself a PoMo "defender" or "fan" - I typically find it thin gruel compared to any of the pre-war architecture it imitated.

However, I find cheap modernism, or cheap modernist schlock that doesn't necessarily even consider itself modernism but has been enabled by the modernist movement (Kensington being as fine an example as any), to be (a) much worse, and (b) omnipresent.

The OMA project would have been refreshing once upon a time, and I'm sure for its first 10 years it will look good - the "new car smell" sparkle and whatnot. However, the nearly oppressive ubiquity and creeping sameness of modernism (and the even-larger number of buildings enabled by modernism without being considered part of any school of architecture) have left me screaming for *anything* else, PoMo or otherwise.

... And ... one confession: 500 Boylston is fine in my book (cringes in anticipation). I thank our lucky stars that we don't have a Kensington (or Federal Reserve Building, or One Boston Place, or First National Bank, One Financial Center, One Post Office Square, One Beacon Street ... you get the picture) in its place.
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