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Re: Fidelity's HQ may go high

The office space inside those buildings is obselete for downtown based large companies. BB&H another major tenant in the building is leaving and consolidatiing offices at 185 Franklin Street (New England Telephone). Fideility is always seeking lower cost for office space. That is why they have been at 245 Summer Street, WTC, and other buildings for years. The Devonshire buildings were last upgraded in the mid-1980's, leaving them in need of systems upgrades and the like.

A huge company like this needs wide open work spaces, not warrens of small spaces which these buildings provide. As far as Fido being in NH and RI, it all comes down to taxes. People complain about them moving jobs around to other states, but for where they are located in NH (Salem) and RI (North Smithfield) they are still in the Greater Boston economic umbrella. The workers still spend money within this area and the company makes more money. Don't like that, too bad. Call 617-722-2000, ask for Deval, Robert, or Terry and ask them about it.

As far as Devonshire goes, there is a lot of extra land there to support a tower. You have most of Quaker Lane and the "Spite Parcel" on Devonshire to consider in your FAR. As an added bonus, Showtime is showing the original Thomas Crown Affair. The bank robbery takes place in the old Shawmut bank on the Congress Street side.
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