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Re: Fidelity's HQ may go high

Originally Posted by Brad Plaid View Post
For me there's little excitement or thrill when it comes to PoMo and I'll repeat here what I said about the new gothic buildings at BC: it's deja vu all over again, been there done that (although they do look well built with quality materials.)

Mostly though with PoMo I don't see authenticity or "realness". There is a stage set thinness/cheapness that mocks rather than pays homage to the bravura towers of the 20's and 30's they try to emulate. It's grave robbing the corpse of this or that historical style, propping it up, and then expecting people to see it as something living.
I agree with you actually, especially in the case of BC. I'm SO tired of the faux gothic. They need some modern architecture, but contextual modern architecture. CorTen and glass would work wonders for a new building on campus.

I guess I've been softened by Boston's recent swath of horrendous architecture when making judgements of quality. PoMo with all the bells and whistles is actually quality design when compared what's going up now like the Kensington. These PoMo proposals actually have depth and some sort of a facade, albeit completely bizarre and unfounded in theory. The massing is gorgeous though. You can definitely pull some great historical vibes (dare I say the ESB?) from the massing of those models. It's sort of art deco meets classicism and there you have the birth of PoMo.
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