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Re: Fidelity's HQ may go high

Originally Posted by DBM View Post
Did you even read the article?! Fidelity is SELLING the building. By definition, there will not be Fidelity-advertising sign placed on top of whatever gets developed there.

(Not only that, but Fidelity, though "Boston-based," of course, is famous for having sent thousands of jobs out of state to RI, etc., making your misplaced aspiration even more ironic.)
Fidelity selling the site isn't the same as moving away. They may just be divesting themselves of responsibility for the site to give themselves flexibility and consolidate costs. I wouldn't be so sure that their offices won't stay on-site, just in a taller building.

For comparison, State Street doesn't own One Lincoln, even with their name on top.

The 400' limit is the city zoning guideline, I bet. Given that towers proposed in Boston have generally been in the 500'-650' range (Filene's, Copley, etc.) I'd expect something like that proposed here, with a request for a variance. This is basically the same place as TNP with respect to the FAA, so if they set an 800' ceiling for that building one could expect the same for this site. Again, I don't think they go that high.
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