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Re: General Infrastructure

Originally Posted by cden4 View Post
Check out slide 24 here. They would make the western end of it one-way eastbound, fed by Riverside Street. The part of the road between Riverside Street and Watertown Square would be turned into parkland. Westbound traffic would be forced to turn right onto Wheeler Ln, I believe.

Here's the project site:
I had never seen this before. Thanks for posting! Some comments:

"Identify if 5 bike lanes may be acceptable to town in locations where travel lanes could be reduced to 10.9"
On such a high volume street, 4.5ft bike lanes are laughable. The vulnerable users need as much separation as possible. The fact that about 2" less than 11ft for the travel lanes might be a sticking point for the town......

I find it funny that one "alternative" is to simply refresh the markings. Routine maintenance shouldn't be a recommendation as it probably happened while they were studying the corridor.

On slide 24, closing that road somehow didn't lead to much change in the footprint of the intersection. Still two 6 lane crossings. The FDW for those will make pedestrian intervals have a huge impact on the vehicular efficiency of the intersection. At a minimum they really should consider crossing islands.

And I love that proposed "cyclist kill zone" where cars from Arsenal St onto N Beacon St have 100-200 ft to mow them down as they weave to stay on Arsenal St...
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