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Re: Lane Reduction on Mass Pike

Originally Posted by omaja View Post
Most of the morning congestion on the Pike east of the Allston tolls seems to be directly connected to the poor design/ramp geometry of the 90/93 interchange and congestion on 93 itself. They're still maintaining three through lanes, so I don't think it'll be any sort of carmageddon since the fourth lane has always been an auxiliary/exit lane between the Pru and Allston tolls. My guess is we're just seeing teething problems from people getting used to the new lane alignment and knowing when/where they need to merge.

Maybe you are right and eventually it won't be all that bad but post-Labor Day there will be a ton of additional drivers on the pike "getting used to the new alignment...." I cannot imagine how anyone could think it is going to be anything other than a nightmare for most of September at least. If the traffic is very slow and filled in all the way from the Weston tolls through the lane drop downtown at this time of year, how is it possibly going to go when the roads are actually crowded and not more or less as light as they get?

My typical travel time just between the Weston tolls and the Allston/Brighton tolls during most of the year = 20-30 minutes. During August it is about 10-15 minutes. Since the lane closure it has been 30-40 minutes. I will be shocked if it is not an hour or more come September. Let's not forget it is only about 9-10 miles.
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