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Re: Lane Reduction on Mass Pike

Originally Posted by matredsoxfan View Post
Comm Ave bridge is a Separate project. That Design-Build project to replace the bridge superstructure using accelerated bridge construction will begin next spring as the contract has not yet been awarded. The contract that has been awarded involves median reconstruction w/ concrete median barrier, new highway lighting and ITS improvements (sensors, cameras and replacement of message boards) from Comm Ave to the Pru Tunnel along I-90. It also includes Comm Ave substructure bridge repairs as the new barriers will be constructed infront and next to the abutments of the bridge.
I know. That's why I called it a multi-year saga, not a single project. But they are repairing the substructure, and are intending to start work on the deck about a year from now. I'm mostly interested in the deck repairs because following that it will be possible to finally fix the awful clusterf$@k that is the BU Bridge intersection. But that day is still at least two years away.

Originally Posted by matredsoxfan View Post
Try again. State held a meeting with the community in the winter and then again last month and a blog post was put out 7 Days before the closure and message boards have been flashing the message for 2 weeks prior as well as a twitter post. That's not publicizing the project?
Well, apparently, since Kahta was caught by surprise. I think that he's a pretty aware person. Honestly, putting out a blog post and flashing some messages on boards is not really publicizing matters. Most people ignore that stuff, and I don't blame them. I think MassDOT massively overestimates how effective those methods are.

Compare that to the outreach they did for the Callahan shutdown. Everybody knew about it. It was all over the news.

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Mat, just fyi - you can use the Multi-Quote feature to respond to several different posts at once.
Good call!
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