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Re: New Red and Orange Line Cars

Originally Posted by winstonoboogie View Post
While in the end it might be a positive, there is a possibility that some qualified builders might not think its worth the cost and effort to set up a facility in Mass, and might choose not to bid. All of the established builders already have U.S. assembly facilities to meet the "Buy America" requirement for U.S. orders. Bombardier, Kawasaki, Alstom, and CAF all have facilities in New York state, Kawasaki also builds shells in Lincoln Nebraska. Nippon-Sharyo just built a facility in Illinois. Siemens has a facility in California, and Kinki-Sharyo is building a new facility in California.
Will it actually be a net positive? Would the company hire local employees or just bring some of their current staff over for this project? Are they going to build/substantially rehab their own facility that will be vacant when the order is over or is there an existing facility that gets used for these types of short term transit assembly?
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