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Re: New Red and Orange Line Cars

Originally Posted by F-Line to Dudley View Post
OK. You have a lot of intimate knowledge of this and can clearly contribute a lot to the froum's knowledgebase on these matters.

So why don't you try contributing that stuff proactively for a change instead of only showing up on these forums to pick nits with one of my posts. You've made 55 career posts on AB. About two thirds of them are playing "gotcha" games with one single poster. Do you think this game of...whatever it is...isn't transparent enough by now?
Do you not see the trend in front of your own eyes? You are the most prolific and knowledgable transit poster on this board. Winston happens to be the second in line in terms of actually being able to have a conversation with substance about this topic. Most of us on here don't understand half of what you and him are posting about. (I will say that the two of you do a decent job at really explaining what you're talking about) You are essentially the only other person that Winston can actually have a conversation about this with. I don't think he's playing gotcha games at all. He's genuinely trying to add to the conversation.
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