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Re: New Red and Orange Line Cars

Originally Posted by F-Line to Dudley View Post
The ongoing NYC R179 order or Chicago 5000 series from Bombardier would do fine here (in pairs instead of the quad- or quint-car sets the MTA is ordering). The Bombardier factories are actively pumping out about 800 units total for those two agencies, so a *lightly* adapted version of those cars would probably fetch the T a very nice unit cost on scale. K.
The NYC R160 (of which the now on order R179s are a slight update) is a 60-foot long, 10-foot wide car that weighs 85,000 pounds empty. The MBTA's spec calls for a 65 foot by 9 foot Orange Line car to weigh no more than 75,000 pounds empty while the Red Line car will by 69 feet by 10 feet and weigh no more than 83,000 pounds. Those are the heaviest weights allowed by the MBTAs infrastructure. NYC, as is their tradition, still uses heavy outboard bearing trucks on their subway cars. Just about every other system other than NYC (including Boston) uses lighter weight inboard bearing trucks. If Kawasaki or Bombardier bid a slightly modified version of their NYC cars on the Boston order, it would get tossed for coming nowhere near meeting the spec (neither would do that though, they know how to read bid documents)

CTA in Chicago uses little 48-foot long cars with all-electric braking systems. Every other North American systems uses air or hydraulic brakes. CTA has bought nothing but all-electric brake cars for 60 years, but its unique to them, and results in a basic car design that isn't used anywhere else.
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