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Re: Worcester Improvements

Originally Posted by found5dollar View Post
The demolition of the Paris Cinema should not be a celebratory moment for Worcester. It was a beautiful movie palace that we allowed to fall apart and decay until it was no longer salvageable purely because we are scared of sex, gay people, and specifically gay sex.

What it used to look like:


What it looked like before demolition:


A great article about the history of the Paris cinema is here:
It annoys me to no end that the city was making a "theater district" master plan, but there's only one venue in the area. This would've gone a long way to making the area a proper theatre district. But no, we can't have nice things. (Although the beer garden isn't completely horrible, because my understanding is that the parcel will eventually see proper redevelopment.)

Originally Posted by itchy View Post
That is pretty shameful. It shows Worcester has no pride, no sense of place, no historical memory, and no standards. In short, it shows Worcester is unlikely to dig itself out of its current hole any time soon if it can't restore and celebrate the finer things still remaining in the city.
Forgive my cynicism......but we have finer things? I thought we were a dried up mill town.

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