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Re: Worcester Improvements

That paper is dealing with Major League teams. The PawSox aren't in that category:

For example:

The nature of professional sports is that
the athletes generally command as wages a large share of revenues generated by sporting
events. However, the athletes themselves are typically unlikely to live in the metropolitan
area in which they play. (Siegfried and Zimbalist, 2002). Therefore, the income earned by
athletes is not likely to re-circulate in the local economy, leading to a lower multiplier
effect. In the extreme, spending at a sporting event could actually reduce local incomes,
as money is diverted from an activity with a high multiplier, for example a dinner at a
locally owned and operated restaurant, towards sports, an activity with high leakages.
Doesn't apply. Pawsox players are likely to be living in Worcester or one of the immediate towns around Worcester (e.g. Shrewbury, Auburn).

I think there are a number of other flaws with that paper, for example:

A night at the ballpark means more money in the players‟ and team
owner‟s pockets, but it also means less money in the pockets of local theater or restaurant
Not sure how much overlap there is with the type of person that goes to a Pawsox Game vs. a person that goes to a Hanover Theater production. I doubt there is a lot of overlap. As for restaurants... I have a hard time buying into that as often you go out to get food before the game.
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