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Re: What to do about the NEAQ?

Originally Posted by lapradetom View Post
Unless it's already slated to be developed, the perfect spot to relocate the NEAQ would be in the Seaport district, way down past Bank of America Pavilion. There is currently there a huge empty area there, currently used as a Cruiseport "cellphone waiting lot". Think it's called Kennedy Ave
If I'm correct, I believe that area is designated for port use only; while it's a great spot for development, it'd be quite the process to get an aquarium there. We talked in depth about this on the Boston 2024 page. (I think it starts at post #2011, and F-Line has a good explanation of why it can't happen at post #2045)

Also, the traffic going to and from a new aquarium in the Seaport would make the traffic situation there ten times worse. There'd definitely be a need for better, reliable transit or substantial updates to the roads/traffic flow in the area, two things the city has been struggling to get done.
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