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Northern Strand Trail to New Rutherford connection

If you use the ``Measure Distance'' tool in Google Maps to make a straight line from the south edge of Route 16 at the gravel pile underpass (which might seem like the natural extension of the Northern Strand Community Trail) to the Main St / Alford St intersection at Sullivan, you discover that the direct route from the Northern Strand Community Trail to the potential bike path on the east side of Rutherford comes a lot closer to the highway 99 bridge than the Newburyport / Rockport bridge, and it passes near the Broadway / Dexter intersection.

The bridge across the Mystic apparently does have a bit of buffer space between the cars and the bike lane, but the Google Street View doesn't show any flex posts, and perhaps if we wanted to try to make the bridge better for biking, we could see if we could narrow the car lanes and possibly even the center shoulder to provide a wider buffer and/or wider bike lane, along with slowing down cars to increase safety near bicyclists.

Between the bridge and the MWRA / power station light, the MWRA lot has a fence and grass next to its border, and it might be worthwhile to look at whether a bit of the MWRA's grass could be reallocated to a better separated bike path.

I'm wondering if it might be possible for bicyclists to use the MWRA's driveway to get to a future riverfront bike path that would connect under the Newburyport / Rockport bridge and then along the west side of the train tracks to the gravel pile.
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