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Re: Beacon St in Somerville

Originally Posted by Joel N. Weber II View Post
Along Beacon St in Somerville, it appears that the city has been plowing the cycle track section (although not the full width) but leaving the sidewalk section to the abutters. The end result is that the cycle track has been consistently clear, and the sidewalk hasn't.

In that there's an Americans with Disabilities Act but not a Bicyclists in Winter Act, I think the city has their priorities backwards here with which section should get priority for proper clearing, but of course admitting that would also require the city to take responsibility for clearing the sidewalks on a lot of other streets.
The city isn't shirking responsibility for clearing sidewalks - it has assigned responsibility to property owners. If property owners fail to maintain the public way they abut, then they are supposed to be fined. The only failure by the city is lax enforcement.

I have some neighbors who still haven't shoveled or salted since the Christmas snow 10 days ago and I haven't seen any fines posted on their doors. I think there should be an enforcer who distributes fines and also salts the offending sections of sidewalk for the benefit of all the non-sociopath residents of Somerville who walk those sidewalks.
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